Razalife.com changed the game and made looking awesome as a team even easier with our SEMI-CUSTOM JERSEY FEATURE. Just because you have a team and want to look good doesn't mean you need a fully custom jersey. The FASTEST, EASIEST way to match up is to choose your favorite Raza Brand jersey and customize it your way. It is also a good option to save TIME and MONEY. SEMI-CUSTOM requires a minimum purchase of three identical jerseys. Once you have chosen your favorite jersey, we will replace the Raza logo with your team name, then change the colors of the existing jersey to the colors of your choice. BOOM! TEAM JERSEYS! If you would like to have a custom logo designed for your jersey, you can order one for just $100.

Semi Custom Ordering Instructions:

1. Choose the SEMI-CUSTOM ITEM and enter your info, then add the SEMI-CUSTOM ITEM to your cart.

2. Choose your favorite Raza Brand Jersey, add your name and number (optional), add it to your cart.

3. Click the same jersey from the cart, add the next player's name and number, add it to your cart.

4. Repeat step 3 for players 3,4,5...

5. Checkout.

6. You will be contacted by a Raza Design representative via email for any further information and to begin the proofing process.

7. You will receive ONE free proof from the artist. Here you make any final changes.

8. You will receive a final proof from the artist. Once you give final approval, your order will be sent to production.

9. If you order a custom logo, you will receive TWO FREE proofs with your order before final approval.