Computer generated artwork is designed in one of two ways. Vector and Raster graphics.

Vector Artwork is generated by plotting points on X/Y coordinates and basically, connecting those points together (much like a connect-the-dots puzzle) with the exception that some of the lines have curves applied to them. This gives us nice clean logos and artwork. Smart designers create logos in vector for one main reason - they can be resized without losing any line quality. The example shows a RAZA logo created in vector format with its points and paths. The logo below it is the result of using vector-based software (Adobe Illustrator) to create your logo. This logo can be enlarged to any size, 100 feet wide if need be and the lines will still be as crisp as ever.


Custom Vector Graphics Education

Raster Artwork is generated by creating a grid of tiny pixels on your computer screen and filling each one of those pixels with a specific color. The pixels are small enough that our eye doesn’t see them as pixels. One photograph can easily have 500,000 pixels - each pixel holding it’s specific color. For photographs there is no better alternative than raster-based software. But for logos and the type of art we need from you - raster files simply don’t work… Here’s why. Since the artwork was created using a raster-based software, like Photoshop, it is composed of thousands of little pixels, and when we try to size that logo larger, those little pixels become big pixels. The result is shown on the next page. We can’t guarantee any clarity in your artwork if you send us pixelated artwork (raster files).


Custom Raster Graphics Education

We NEED vector artwork from you if at all possible. Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator.

We need you to convert your fonts into paths (Illustrator users - “create outlines”).

If your team is using logos or artwork from a sponsor or company - those people will most likely (99%) have the artwork in a vector format.

We hate to be the “DO NOT” people, but on the next page you'll find a list of “DO NOTs”.

Do not send us Photoshop documents of your artwork
*-* They simply don’t work for this process.
Do not import your Photoshop document into a vector software
*-* It’s still raster from it’s origin
Do not send us JPEGs, GIF’s files 
*-* Those are low resolution raster files - they are the worst!
Do not send us anything you pulled off the web 
*-* They were made for web, not for print.
Do not send us logos that you don’t have a written legal right to use 
*-* If you don’t own it, you can’t use it without written

Can we help you if you aren’t able to come up with vector artwork yourself?

Yes we can, however there may be an addition set-up fee. If we receive files that are raster files, we need to recreate those in a vector format. Most logos are simple and take minimal time, but if you have a complex logo or design, it could add up. If you would like, you can send us your artwork. We can give an estimate on the cost to “vectorize” your design and if you agree with our price, we can recreate your art for you. Our fabrics and craftsmanship are second-to-none and we want your design to have the same great quality as the jersey it sits on.